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We educate 1st - 8th grade and
 inspire a passion for learning!

One on one student instructionChild-centered education:
Montessori education is a child-centered approach to teaching that is very different from traditional models of education. Teachers carefully consider each student's individual developmental and education level in an effort to meet the needs of the "whole child." 

Life-Long Learners:
We strive to provide a stimulating work environment that naturally draws children to learning  They are given the responsibility to choose what they want to work on and when. By allowing students to explore their own interests, their learning experiences are richer, more intense, and long-lasting.  Consequently our students love school and become life-long learners

Our classrooms are multi-leveled. Older, more experienced students guide and mentor younger students socially and academically. This fosters a greater sense of responsibility and confidence.  They participate in group activities both in school and in the wider community. Consequently, our students display unparalleled leadership qualities.

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The Kalispell Montessori will host the Montana Conversations program “Kid Gloves and Brass Knuckles:  The Life of Nancy Cooper Russell” with Mary Jane Bradbury on February 23, 2017.  The presentation is free and open to the public. Funding for the Montana Conversations program is provided by Humanities Montana through grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Montana’s Cultural Trust, and private donations.


Against the backdrop of the social and political reform of the early 1900s, Nancy Cooper Russell was a woman ahead of her time. A self-taught business woman with the ability to take charge, Nancy helped Charles M. Russell become the highest paid living artist of his time. Art historians consistently give her credit for being the reason the world has the extraordinary Russell paintings and sculptures that grace galleries and private collections today. Bradbury brings Nancy Russell to life and shares the story of her chance meeting with the Montana cowboy artist who would become her husband. She describes the world of art that celebrated the myth of the west at the beginning of the 20th century and tells stories about the renowned artists and celebrities the Russell’s knew as they traveled from New York City to the growing California suburb called Hollywood.


Mary Jane Bradbury is a scholar and actress who brings history to life for audiences of all ages in the Rocky Mountain region. She teaches for the Colorado Humanities, and is a historic interpreter for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

 For more information, please call KME at 755-3826. Please contact front desk for available seating.


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We do participate in collecting BOX TOPS and CAMPBELL SOUP LABELS. Please save them up and bring them in. Easy way to earn money for our school. Next due date is FEBRUARY 24, 2017

School Closure

School closure due to weather conditions please remember that Kalispell Montessori and Middle School will close if Kalispell District #5 closes. Please listen to Bee Broadcasting radio stations and KOFI radio for announcements about school closures. The Flathead County School website also lists all school closures (they list both public and private schools) http://flathead.mt.gov/schools/closures.php 

Kalispell Montessori does not have late start school days. The school is closed if School District #5 has a late start.


Drop Off and Pick Up

Students need to be at school by 8:30 a.m. for outside stretches and running however once the running path becomes snow bound students will not run until it is clear of snow and ice in the spring (it’s also a little more challenging to run in snow boots). Please remember that school is dismissed at 3:15 p.m. Students should not be picked up any earlier unless there are special circumstances. It can be very busy prior to dismissal and the teachers need to dismiss their classes as a whole group. We are responsible for each and every student so check out is essential to make sure all students leaving the school are accounted for. All students must check out with their teacher before leaving.


Montessori Walkabout

Just a mid-year reminder, please check in at the front desk whenever you enter the building. This is for the safety of everyone in case of an emergency. We need to account for everyone in the building in case of a fire and the need to exit the building or a situation in which we need to shelter in place. Thank you for your attention to this matter.           

Congratulations to Kennedy Moore for winning the Geography Bee. After seven preliminary rounds and a final round, Kennedy Moore and Elizabeth Christiansen dueled in the championship round-tough competition but Kennedy persevered and came out the winner! Awesome Kennedy! She continues to the next level which is a written geography test. The results of the written test will determine if Kennedy will go on to compete in the State Geo Bee. Good luck.

After School Care : In order in ensure that our staffing meets the requirements of our families, we periodically review our program. Only two times since school started have students been in after care after 5:00. To keep our costs in line with our needs, after care will now be from 3:30 until 5:00. As per handbook, “Pick-up after 5:05 is considered late. A $1.00 late fee will be assessed for each minute after 5:05 p.m. payable to the Childcare Staff on duty.” If you are going to be late, please make every effort to let Childcare Staff  know when you expect to arrive. Thank you.


                                                     Upcoming Events

Pizza Friday – Starts Sept. 9, every Friday thereafter. $4.00 comes with milk

Fine Arts Start – Sept. 19   Art, Music and Spanish Classes

Winter P.E. Begins Jan. 6 and Ends Feb. 24 for Gymnastics/Mar. 2 for Swimming

County Spelling Bee Feb. 23

Parent/Teacher Conferences March
Science Fair-The Kalispell Montessori Elementary grades 3-6, and Middle School Science Fair will be Thursday, March 2nd

Elem I To Seussville @ FVCC March 2   12-2 p.m.


County Science Fair March 9 at the Flathead County Fair Grounds

No School March 10

Lasagna for Lunch March 15

Elem I Blacktail Ski Trip March 16

Board of Directors Meeting March 16 

Family Discussion Night

Integrated Curriculum

March 22 @ 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Elem I Pomegranate Studio Clay Pottery March 23 & 24

No School Spring Break March 27-March 31

Back to School April 3


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