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Three boys in a campground near Glacier Park.Field Trips: Each year there are multiple field trips for outdoor education and community building.  This is a picture of Elementary II waking up at Saint Mary overlooking Glacier National Park.

Elementary I Field Trip to Lone Pine State Park   

1st, 2nd, 3rd Year Students          

Ravenwood Outdoor Learning

                            Elementary One                Ski Trips

Two students swing dancing.Montessori Magic: Our students have many diverse talents and we give them the opportunity to share them each spring with our talent show.  These students are performing swing dancing moves they learned during our "winter PE" classes.

Girls smiling after winning a relay race.Athletics: Our students do calisthenics and run a 1/3 mile lap every morning our track isn't covered with snow.  We focus on healthy minds and bodies. Consequently, our students are very active in and out of school.

Here a team of Elementary I students have just won a relay race at the annual Kila Invitational Track Meet

Enjoying a sweet treat after finishing the Annual Montessori Mile.

Students performing MacbethElizabethan Festival: Each year the students select and perform one of William Shakespeare's classic plays.

Here Elementary II performs Macbeth.

Students performing The TempestElementary II performs The Tempest.

Two students exploring flubberPhysics: As part of our study of the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas), we explored substances that don't fit neatly into any one category. We made non-Newtonian fluids. These students are pictured with flubber.  It can flow like liquid and bounce like rubber!

We also made oobleck which flows like a liquid and behaves like a solid when compressed.  Placing it on a speaker which produced sound wave pressures caused it to come alive!